YORKSHIRE Water customers have been urged to save money and litres of water by using a host of free gadgets.

The firm's customers will be able to apply for water-saving kits, to aid their bills and water consumption.

The devices up for grabs include tap inserts, where customers could save as much as 7,000 litres a year, around £20.

Flushsavers, where people pop the bag into your toilet cistern and save 1.2 litres every time they flush the toilet, potentially 5,000 litres a year on average.

Another free device is the four-minute shower timer, where spending just a minute less in the shower each day could save £100 a year in water bills.

Fitting a ShowerSave device between your water outlet and shower hose can save around £42 a year.

To order a free Water Saving Pack, customers can just need to visit yorkshirewater.com/pack.