A TWO-year-old boy had to be taken to hospital after a blaze at his Bradford home today caused by an unattended candle.

The boy and his mother were already out of the house, in Farnham Road, Great Horton, when firefighters arrive at about 10.45am but he had breathed smoke and was taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary for a precautionary health check.

The fire had been caused by a candle, which had been left burning in a front window, but set curtains alight while unattended.

Smoke alarms went off and alerted the boy's mother, with both able to flee through the back of the house, though a neighbour assumed they were still inside and kicked the front door open to gain access.

Fire damage was confined to a small area around the window, but the glass was broken by the heat and the damaged front door also needed repairs.

Firefighters use a positive pressure fan to drive smoke from the property after the fire was extinguished and also checked a neighbour's property over fears the fire could have caused problems there.

A West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said: "The smoke alarms went off and raised the alarm, so the occupants were able to get out of the house.

"But this fire started after a candle had been left unattended for a short time. Candles can be lethal and should never be left burning unattended."

Fire crews from Fairweather Green and Bradford attended the incident.