Householders in the Bradford area planning to buy a powerful vacuum cleaner have been warned by local MEP Amjad Bashir to act quickly before an EU ban comes into force.

From September 1, companies will be banned from manufacturing or importing any vacuum cleaners with motors above 1,600 watts.

"This is being done in the name of tackling climate change but the reality is it will do nothing to help and just make life harder for houseproud householders," said Mr Bashir, UKIP Euro MP.

"The reality is this legislation just sucks and is another reminder of why we need to leave the European Union.

"The average vacuum cleaner currently on the market in this country has a 1,800W motor but the ever-interfering EU bureaucrats want to limit them to 1,600 from next month. And from 2017 they will be limited even further, down to 900W.

"The consumer group, Which? has pointed out that many of the models that its reviewers rate as the best on the market will fall foul of these rules.

"How dare the European Commission dictate which machines we can or can't use. In every walk of life our choices are increasingly limited by these faceless bureaucrats?," Mr Bashir said.