There "aren't sufficient expletives" to describe thieves who stole 26 flagstones from a church in Cleckheaton, according to the local British Legion chairman.

A pathway at Whitechapel Church on Whitechapel Road was left looking like an obstacle course after the robbery late last week, which is thought to have been carried out by professional criminals.

The church, which recently hosted a ‘Dimming of the Lights’ service to mark the anniversary of the start of WW1, now faces the prospect of replacing the large, expensive flagstones.

Churchwarden Tom Pinder said “This was not an opportunist crime and must have involved a professionals as the weight of these stones was about two tonnes.”

Spenborough British Legion Branch Chairman, Eddie Morton, said “There aren’t sufficient expletives to describe the individuals who carry out these thefts.”

Earlier in the month, several large pieces of stone was taken from Batley Parish Church on Stocks Lane.