A YOUNG woman held captive as a sex slave in Bradford has become a suicidal outcast, disowned by her family because she was raped, a court heard.

The Bangladeshi student was a naive virgin when she was abducted from London and beaten and kept prisoner by takeaway worker, Abdul Hanif.

Jailing Hanif for 17 years yesterday, Judge Peter Benson told him: "You began to use her as a sexual resource and you controlled her and isolated her and locked her in.

"You took her phone and bank card and repeatedly raped her on an almost daily basis.

"Essentially, you treated her as a slave. She was a prisoner and had no life at all."

After four months of degradation, the 26-year-old woman plucked up the courage to escape Hanif's tyranny when he threatened to force her into prostitution to pay off his gambling debts.

When she objected, he strangled her with a cable, leaving marks on her throat.

Labelling Hanif intelligent and extremely manipulative, Judge Benson said: "These were acts of calculated depravity where you cruelly and deliberately enslaved a vulnerable young woman."

The victim, who came to London in 2009 on a student visa, was struggling to pay for her accountancy course and about to be made homeless when Hanif seized his chance to abduct, isolate and imprison her.

He pretended he had found her "a nice new home" in the capital but instead drove her to Bradford.

Judge Benson said: "She was virtually alone in a big foreign city and you wickedly exploited that vulnerability."

Hanif, 30, of Chapel Lane, Allerton, Bradford, was convicted by a jury of three offences of rape and one of causing the woman actual bodily harm.

He imprisoned her at friends' addresses before holding her captive for three months at a flat in Pevensey Garth, Thorpe Edge, Bradford.

He kept her locked in, forcing her to cook and clean for him, while he worked at McDonalds in Ingleby Road, Girlington.

Police broke down the door of the flat on June 27 last year to free the traumatised woman, who said Hanif treated her like an animal.

She said in her victim impact statement that her Muslim family in Bagladesh had disowned her because of cultural differences surrounding the crime of rape.

She was depressed, suicidal and receiving counselling.

"She feels as if her life has been totally ruined, through no fault of her own, because of what the defendant did to her," said prosecuting barrister David McGonigal.

She had suffered severe psychological harm, fearing at one time that she was pregnant because Hanif used no contraception when repeatedly raping her.

After the case, Detective Constable Brett Carter, of Protective Services (Crime), said: "Hanif befriended his victim when she was vulnerable, but then went on to repeatedly rape and assault her.


"This must have been a harrowing ordeal for her and we would like to thank her for the courage she has shown in coming forward and reporting Hanif's crimes.

"We hope the sentence which has been passed down on him today will be of some comfort to her and will help to give her some closure.

"We also hope it will encourage other victims of sexual abuse to speak to our specially trained officers, who will investigate all reports, no matter how historic, sensitively and thoroughly with the aim of securing a conviction against offenders."