CHILDREN from 250 Bradford families met with nurses ahead of starting school next month.

Bradford District Care Trust’s school nurses gave advice to families from the Barkerend and Undercliffe areas at a pre-school party and fun day.

Melody Hudson, community nursery nurse, said: “The event gives us a head start identifying any children who need referring to other services such as speech and language therapy. We’re talking to parents about making sure that their child’s health needs are met so they are ready to learn, in particular that they’ve got a good sleep routine."

Sarah Alvey, staff nurse, added: "We’ve also been telling parents about information they’ll receive in September ahead of their child being weighed and measured for the National Child Measurement Programme and passing on diet and physical activity advice for the whole family."

Mum Marya Mirza said: “Starting school is a big step for mums too. I feel reassured now I’ve met with the school nurses about what I should do if I have any concerns."