KEIGHLEY men will lead a sponsored walk up England's highest mountain this month to help people in the beleaguered Gaza Strip.

Asam Hussain, from Long Lee, and Abdul Shukoor, from Highfield will lead the trek up Scafell Pike, in the Lake District, on Saturday August 30. The walk will raise cash for the Wakefield-based charity SKT Welfare, which is helping people made destitute by recent fighting between HAMAS and Israel.

A total of 16 people from Keighley will be taking part in the walk. 23-year-old Highfield resident Sikander Shan, who is among those participating, said: "A lot of us have seen what has been happening in Gaza on television, and it isn't very nice.

"Political issues are nothing to do with it. There are innocent people who have been hurt and they need help. It is a humanitarian crisis.

"We're all Keighley people who are doing this walk, and we're of different ages and from different walks of life."

Mr Shan, who works at Shan's Supermarket, in Alice Street, said that he has never been up Scafell Pike before, though both Mr Hussain and Mr Shukoor have previously climbed this peak.

People wanting to support the trek can go to