A FOOTBALL club has been forced to rearrange a training session days before the start of their new season after travellers moved onto a playing field in Low Moor.

Caravans arrived on the football pitch on Thursday evening and overnight into Friday.

It means Junction FC, which plays home matches at Wesley Place Field, Fifth Street, has had to rearrange a training session.

They hope the travellers will be moved off before their big kick-off in the Bradford Sunday Alliance Football League Division 2A, when they play at home on Sunday, August 24.

Club secretary Paul Crowther the team would have to pay to rent an alternative venue for their training session.

He said: "It's a massive inconvenience for us. We start our season a week on Sunday. We haven't got any friendly games on the pitch until then but next Wednesday we were meant to have a training session there.

"We will have to find somewhere else now. We will have to pay for another pitch to train on. It will cost us."

About 12 caravans, cars and trucks were reported on the site yesterday morning.

A Low Moor resident, who did not wish to be named, said: "People living near-by are quite worried about their properties and hope that they won't be badly affected by the travellers.

"This is a public playing field. If the travellers behave and don't cause a mess, that will be fine."

Wyke Councillor Sarah Ferriby (Lab) said she contacted officials from Bradford Council's travellers' liaison team and parks and green spaces on Thursday night which was looking to apply for a land possession order to Bradford County Court to get the travellers moved.

She said: "I was made aware very quickly by residents about the travellers.

"I am like the residents, I am extremely shocked that the travellers have got on to the field as there are barriers and restrictions there.

"We are hoping that they don't leave a lot of mess behind or any damage to the land.

"We have contacted Bradford Council to start the ball rolling to get the travellers removed from the site as soon as possible.

"Welfare checks will also have to be carried out as part of the process."

Cllr David Robinson (Independent, Wyke) said: "It's becoming ridiculous.

"The law needs to be changed. It takes a week to get a court order at the moment and then the travellers generally move on.

"It's getting totally out of hand now.

"It's disgusting and causes unrest amongst the rest of the residents."