A YORKSHIRE stone bus shelter has been spared from demolition and will not be replaced with a modern plastic version thanks to a successful campaign by Baildon residents.

Travellers to Shipley or Bradford are so fond of the deep and large shelter on Otley Road that when transport operators Metro proposed knocking it down they met with strong opposition.

Following after a consultation period which ended last month, Metro has said it has listened to local views and agreed the shelter opposite St John's Court, Charlestown, can stay.

Pensioner Jean Pearson campaigned vigorously to save the shelter which involved signing a petition and writing letters and said she was delighted at the decision.

"It's absolutely marvellous news and really is a victory for common sense," she said.

"This is a purpose-built stone shelter that's lovely and deep so in the winter there is ever so much more protection from snow and icy rain than you get with the new plasticky ones.

"And the stone means it's pleasantly cool in the summer.

"It's already got fitted lights and now that overgrowth either side has been cut back, you can see through its windows nice and clearly both ways up and down the road," Mrs Pearson said.

"It really is a 100 per cent sensible decision where thankfully local views have been heard," she added.

Ward councillor Debbie Davies (Con) said she was also pleased West Yorkshire Combined Authority, which runs Metro, had carried out such responsible research.

"This is so refreshing as people often suspect such consultations are merely box-ticking exercises which are then ultimately ignored or make no difference," Cllr Davies said.

"Lots of people came to me about saving the bus shelter and their concerns were passed on to Metro - who have genuinely taken notice and should be congratulated for that."

A West Yorkshire Combined Authority spokesman said: “When we asked local residents for their views in June they were overwhelmingly in favour of retaining the stone-built shelter.

"As with all consultations undertaken by the Combined Authority, we take on board the views of respondents when coming to any decision, and I can confirm that this popular stone shelter will be staying in place."