A TEENAGER who racially abused a young mother while "off his face" on drink and drugs begged a judge not to send him to custody after he was badly bullied while locked up on remand.

Aaron Coates, 19, targeted the woman outside a newsagent shop on Oak Lane, Manningham, Bradford, leaving her too distressed to go out, Bradford Crown Court heard.

He taunted her with "a mock Asian accent" and swore at her.

Coates, of Manningham Lane, left his victim scared and shaking. She is now too frightened to take her baby out of the house, the court heard.

Coates then staggered drunkenly across the road and punched out angrily at a bus stop where a 16-year-old boy was standing.

He demanded the teenager's phone and money, threatening to beat him up if he did not comply.

Police officers arrived as Coates was chasing the boy down the road.

He told arresting officers he was "off his face" after drinking heavily and taking drugs.

Coates, who was remanded in custody at Doncaster Young Offender Institution, pleaded guilty to racially aggravated harassment and attempted robbery, at around 6.40pm on May 4.

Probation and psychiatric reports were prepared for yesterday's sentencing hearing and Coates wrote a letter to the judge pleading not to be sent back to prison because he had suffered extreme bullying.

His barrister, Gerald Hendron, said Coates suffered traumatic experiences when he was 11 and became addicted to drugs and alcohol.

He had mental health issues and was now willing to undergo treatment to tackle his problems.

Mr Hendron said Coates himself was of dual heritage and he had learned his lesson.

Judge Colin Burn labelled his behaviour as "pretty appalling".

"It was the raving of a drunk with psychological problems," he said.

But he had served three months behind bars on remand and was very anxious not to repeat the experience.

He was sentenced to 12 months custody, suspended for two years, with two years supervision and a 12 month alcohol treatment requirement.

Judge Burn reserved any breaches of the order to himself.