A BOY aged four who died after a fire at his Keighley home was last night named by police as Nathan Harrison.

Nathan died in hospital from severe smoke inhalation following the blaze in an upstairs bedroom of the house in Sunnyhill Grove, Exley head, on Monday afternoon.

His ten-year-old brother, who was also in the bedroom, also suffered smoke inhaltion although his condition is not life-threatening.  

A detailed investigation by police and the fire service is continuing into the cause of the tragedy.

A West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman yesterday confirmed that a strike had just ended at 2pm on Monday when the emergency call was made, enabling regular crews from Keighley, Bingley and Silsden to attend the incident.

"The exact time of the emergency call was 1400hrs and 53 seconds," the spokesman said.

"The strike had ended and we responded as normal."

Circumstances surrounding incident were released by West Yorkshire's Assistant Chief Fire Officer Dave Walton at a press conference outside the smoke-damaged home yesterday.

Mr Walton told how fire crews from Keighley, Silsden and Bingley raced to the house.

"On attending they found two boys aged ten and four had been brought out of the house," Mr Walton said.

"Both were taken to hospital with serious injuries from smoke inhalation.

"The ten-year-old is now recovering from his injuries which are not life threatening. Sadly the four-year-old died in hospital.

"The cause of the fire, which was confined to the back bedroom, remains under investigation.

"Initial inquiries are under way with our colleagues in the police to determine the cause of the fire and are at a very early stage.

"Clearly this has been a tragic incident in which a child has lost its life a full investigation will be carried out."

Mr Walton said there were two smoke alarms in the property, but would not comment on whether they were working properly, or if the fire had started in the boys' bedroom as such details would be part of investigations.

The name of the boy who died had not been released by police last night.

Ward Councillor Brian Morris said it was "devastating tragedy" whenever a child died in such circumstances.

"Personally my sympathies go out to the family and that will be true of all the other Keighley councillors and local people," said Cllr Morris (Ukip, Keighley West).