From the T&A...

25 years ago: Belgian pate was cleared from supermarket shelves in Bradford because of fears of about the listeria bug. Morrisons and Dunnes were among the stores which removed the product.

50 years ago: The wedding of Margaret Nunweek and Terry Marston was held up for almost 30 minutes because the marriage register was locked in a safe that could not be opened. The safe at Sandbeds Methodist Church in Keighley had been accidentally sealed shut when it was painted.

Also in the news...

1887: Thomas Edison made the first sound recording when he recited Mary Had A Little Lamb which was recorded on to a foil-wrapped cylinder on the Edisonphone.

1908: The first Model T Ford, affectionately known as the ''Tin Lizzie'', came off the production line, replacing the Model A.

1944: PLUTO, the ''pipeline under the ocean'', began operating, transporting fuel from England to Allied troops in France.

1964: Ian Fleming, best-selling author and creator of James Bond, died.