FIREFIGHTERS were needed to rescue a man from the roof of a house after he clambered from a dormer window and slid down slates.

He was left holding onto the guttering of the house, in Aberdeen Terrace, when firefighters from the Fairweather Green station arrived.

They had to use a large ladder to reach him, with two firefighters climbing up to secure him with a rope.

That removed the danger of him falling and allowed colleagues to enter the house and reach him from the attic window, where they were able to pull him back to safety using the line.

Firefighters said the incident, which happened around 3 pm, was difficult because the fire engine ladder large to manoeuvre at the location, with a crew of five needed to get it into position.

The houses have cellars which made the drop from the roof effectively three storeys had the man failed to hold on.

It was unclear when the man, aged 40s, had climbed from the window, said a West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman.

They left him in the care of West Yorkshire Police and paramedics, though he did not appear to be physically harmed by the ordeal.