POLICE hope the people of Queensbury can help them bring an end to the reign of a vandal who is daubing the village in graffiti.

Officers say a graffiti has been occurred on walls, containers and even road signs with the tag - Skrib. They hope that someone reveals his or her identity before they cost the taxpayer any more money in clean up costs.

Most of the graffiti is centred around the Hillcrest area, Deanstones Lane and the top end of Shelf Moor Road. Although much of it is the Skrib tag, some is of cruder images.

Officers say that new pieces are appearing "on a near daily basis" and some pieces take up entire walls.

Ward Councillor Michael Walls (Con, Queensbury) said: "The fact is it doesn't convey a very good impression of the district. In the past we have given people an area where they can do this legally, but that hasn't always stopped it.

"This doesn't give Queensbury a good image, or anywhere else it happens. It gives a certain impression about a place, and that is the last thing we need.

"We can get this removed, but then there is the problem that they might just put it up again. What we really need is for people to come forward and let us know who this Skrib is so we can take them to court. I will be asking all of our wardens to keep their eyes out for anyone carrying around paint. Because this is all within a certain area it is likely that it is someone who lives in the area.

"When this is happening to road signs it starts to get dangerous."

PC Claire Patterson, of the Bradford South Area Neighbourhood Team, said: "Graffiti is criminal damage which costs local businesses and council tax payers thousands of pounds in clean-up costs. It also ruins how the area looks and makes people feel unsafe.

"It will not be tolerated in Bradford District, and those found to be responsible will face police action, which could result in being brought before the courts."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Bradford South Area Neighbourhood Team on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.