A STREET thug with a conviction for manslaughter for killing a father he punched in the street, has been jailed again after attacking another man, leaving him unconscious in similar circumstances.

Sentencing Anthony Harrison at Leeds Crown Court yesterday Judge Christopher Batty said he had clearly learned no lessons from the earlier tragedy and his record showed he posed a risk to the public.

“You are in drink an unpleasant and violent man prepared to use your fists as necessary and it doesn’t usually take much of a trigger to bring that about,” the judge told him

Judge Batty said the manslaughter conviction in 2007 arose after Harrison was in a group who abused a woman and her husband in Heckmondwike as they were returning home from a night out.

“When he eventually took exception and turned to verbally confront the people being abusive to him you stepped forward and hit him. You hit him so hard he hit the floor and an artery was severed and as a result he died.”

Judge Batty said Harrison was jailed for three years for the manslaughter and subsequently attended various probation run programmes designed to enhance thinking skills, to control and learn anger management but a report on him indicated he thought those classes a “waste of time.”

He had wanted to leave sessions early, disrupted the programme and spent time “gazing out of the window.“All that after you had taken a man’s life.”

“How do you take a man’s life and then attend courses which are designed to stop you getting involved in public disorder again and find them a total inconvenience?” he asked.

Judge Batty said Harrison’s latest appearance was his fourth for violence. Earlier in 2007 he had assaulted another man and in 2011 unhappy about something said to him in a public house he butted that person.

“This case is drunken behaviour on the street for the fourth time” involving punching his latest victim James Clay “at least five times” in a sustained assault leaving him with bleeding on the brain.

Harrison, 27, of Allen Croft, Birkenshaw, Bradford, admitted causing grievous bodily harm to Mr Clay in Birstall in November last year and was given an extended sentence of two years in jail with four years on licence.

John Bull prosecuting told the court Mr Clay and his partner had been out celebrating her birthday and her father’s birthday at a café bar in Birstall when about 11.30pm his partner asked him to walk one of her friend’s to a local taxi company.

He was doing that and walked into Market Square when Harrison who was following behind them began shouting comments towards them.

Mr Clay said he then heard his name being called and when he turned Harrison was approaching asking who was the woman he was with.

Harrison pulled Mr Clay round and punched him to the face. He then threw more punches at Mr Clay who went to the ground unconscious. The next thing he remembered was waking up in an ambulance and was later found to have bleeding on the brain and suffered subsequent headaches and dizziness.

Mr Bull said CCTV footage showed Harrison being pulled away from Mr Clay by another man who he was also then involved in a fight with.

Anastasis Tassou, representing Harrison, told the court he had now given up drink because he realised it was alcohol which made him act totally out of character reacting to what he perceived were wrongs.

“He is not unintelligent he knows what he does can prove lethal. He knows that one blow and one blow alone can kill.”