A GROUP of British Jews and Israelis visited Bradford in a bid to defy George Galloway over his controversial comments that the city should be an "Israel free zone".

The visitors (pictured) came from as far afield as London and Birmingham to take a tour of the city yesterday.

Some of the group hold dual citizenship with Israel and brought their Israeli passports along in a further act of defiance against the Bradford West MP.

Rabbi Shneur Zalman Odze, who led the delegation, said they received a warm welcome from Bradfordians during their stay.

He said: “I was rather anxious about what kind of reaction we’d get.

"However, I’m pleased to say that, a few shouts from across the road aside, the reception was extremely positive with many passers by stopping to wish us well and posing for photographs with the Israeli flag waving visitors.

"Almost everyone, unprompted, seemed to know why we were there.

VIDEO: Galloway accused of damaging Bradford with 'Israel-free zone' call

"Britain has always been a tolerant and open society which welcomes free speech and deplores incitement. Mr Galloway may have gone a step too far with his anti-Israel hatred."