BRADFORD students are being urged to have a back-up plan when A-level results are published next week.

The University of Bradford and Bradford College have both stressed the importance of having a fall-back option after a national survey found more than a quarter of students do not have one should they fail to win a place at their first choice of university.

Figures released by Which? University show that 54 per cent of A-level students were not prepared for the possibility of not getting their first, or insurance, university choices, while two in five said they did not want to go to their insurance choice.

Director of External Affairs at the university Mark Garratt said: "It’s a big day for students, parents and teachers, and anxieties run high, but with a little preparation beforehand it is possible to survive it and make plans for a very successful future.

"It is important to keep calm and be prepared for all possible outcomes. You may do better than you think and wish to adjust your choice, or you may not achieve the grades you need and have to enter clearing - the process through which students can apply to any university spaces not yet filled.

"Either way it’s important to have a plan B in place before August 14. Do lots of research now so you are ready to take action as quickly as possible to secure the university or course you want once you know your results.

"We are advising all students getting results later this month that ‘good things come to those who don’t wait’, so get in contact even before your results are out to discuss your options if things go differently than expected on the day."

The university said students waiting for their results should make a list of alternative universities and courses now.

It is holding a number of clearing open days following results day from August 14 to 17 and August 20. There will also be a clearing hotline operating from 7am on results day and advice online.

The university is also taking over the weekly Twitter Bradford Hour feed this evening. Every Thursday for an hour Twitter users can chat using the hashtag #Bradfordhour and tonight's discussion, between 8pm and 9pm will be about results and clearing.

The registrar of Bradford College, Clare Hallows, added: "Clearing doesn’t have to be stressful. Planning ahead will keep stress to a minimum and help you make the best possible choice for your future. We don’t want students to worry if they fall short as we offer a wide range of employment focused degree programmes."