BRADFORD MPs are calling for more talk on Gaza as the crisis claims its first minister to resign.

Yorkshire-born Foreign Office Minister Baroness Warsi gave up her post yesterday, branding the Government's policy on Gaza as "morally indefensible".

Lady Warsi, who was the first Muslim to sit in Cabinet, told Prime Minister David Cameron she could no longer support the Government's stance on the issue.

Her resignation and reasons for it were met with admiration from some MPs in Bradford although Shipley Conservative MP Philip Davies said he did not share her "analysis of the situation."

"I admire her for putting her beliefs ahead of her political ambitions and career but I don't share or agree with her analysis. My view is there's right and wrong on both sides of the Middle eastern conflict and just trying to say the fault is on one side is not right or helpful. It needs statesmen from both sides to look at it from each other's perspective."

Lady Warsi wrote in her resignation letter she believed the Government's policy in relation to the Middle East peace process was "not in Britain's national interest and will have a long-term detrimental impact on our reputation internationally and domestically."

There is reportedly growing unease among some Conservative MPs that the Government has failed to take a firmer line with Israel over its incursion into Gaza in the face of mounting Palestinian casualties.

Lady Warsi had signalled her own concern about what was happening in a series of comments on her Twitter feed in recent days.

In one she wrote: "Can people stop trying to justify the killing of children. Whatever our politics there can never be justification, surely only regret #Gaza."

Lib Dem Bradford East MP David Ward said: "I'm sorry she's gone but she's done the right thing in my view. Most people recognise the work she has done but I think it's common knowledge she's been quite unhappy for some time about a number of things, not just Gaza."

So far more than 73,000 people have signed Mr Ward's on-line petition urging the British Government to call for an immediate end to Israeli military operations.

He added: "I've got to compliment Nick Clegg for saying the only realistic way forward is to negotiate with Hamas. We've more than 70,000 now on my petition saying Israel needs to negotiate with Hamas. Unless pressure is put on Israel and they abide by United Nations resolutions then internationally we need to bring about boycott, divestment and sanctions."

Bradford West MP George Galloway has called for Parliament to be recalled immediately to urgently debate the Gaza crisis. He was unavailable for comment yesterday.

Bradford South MP Gerry Sutcliffe and Keighley MP Kris Hopkins were also unavailable.