BRADFORD artist Craig Everett is taking the urban art concept onto the street this summer, by heading outside with his paint brushes.

Craig, who describes himself as the "Bradford Banksy", specialises in urban and pop art, and his work includes 3D portraits of the likes of David Hockney and Howard Marks created from layers of junk materials.

His art is on display at his gallery, Rogue, on Harrogate Road in Greengates, which also showcases paintings and sculptures by other artists, both local and nationally renowned.

Now Craig is showcasing his work on the street outside too.

"I'm doing some painting on the street, and I've drawn quite a crowd," said Craig. "I'm showing people different art techniques I use. It gets them talking about art, and hopefully they'll want to find out more about my work or how to get started themselves.

“Urban art is big in London, New York, Tokyo and other big cities but it hasn’t really made its mark in Yorkshire. I think people are put off by the term ‘urban’ or ‘pop’ art because they just think of modern art and they don’t understand it."

Craig, who is self taught, experiments with different styles and materials. Much of his work is inspired by people and places from his youth on Bradford's Thorpe Edge estate in the 1970s and 1980s. “It was all urban landscapes – blocks of flats, factory chimneys, Doc Martens, skateboards. You were a punk, a skinhead or a mod,” he said.