SHOCKED community leaders have issued warnings to youngsters not to jump into the water at a popular Keighley beauty spot.

An eight-year-old boy remains in a critical condition this morning after being pulled from the water at Tinker Bridge in North Dean Road at around 11.30am on Sunday.

It is believed he struck his head on an object as he fell into the water, which caused him to suffer a serious head injury. He was rescued by emergency services and taken to Leeds General Infirmary by the Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

The 10ft to 15ft waterfall is often used by swimmers and fun seekers who jump from the top into the pool below.

Now, with the hot weather continuing, Keighley West councillors say parents need to educate their children of the dangers of doing such activities, to avoid any further incidents.

Cllr Brian Morris (UKIP) said: "It's shocking. It's a tragic thing to happen.

"Water to kids is a magnet. They don't realise the danger of it.

"What good do signs do? A sign is not going to stop it. The dangers are there.

"Just don't do it. The parents need to drill into their kids. They need to educate their children. Hopefully this will be a warning to others.

"This sort of thing has happened so many times, not in Keighley, but throughout the country."

Cllr Adrian Farley (Lab) said: "You get children pushing the boundaries.

"It was quite horrifying to read about what has happened.

"I would ask them to think very carefully about getting themselves into dangerous situations. The problem can easily escalate. "Something seen as fun has ended up causing upset and distress."

Cllr Farley also expressed concern about a video clip posted on YouTube of children jumping off Tinker Bridge. The clip has attracted nearly 5,000 hits since it was uploaded several years ago.

Cllr Farley said: "These clips can influence people. They spread like wildfire."

Inspector Sue Sanderson, who leads the Keighley Area Neighbourhood Team, said: "On a hot summer's day, open water like streams, rivers and canals can look inviting.

"But these waterways are not swimming pools. There are no lifeguards in case someone gets into difficulty and there can be hidden currents which can catch out even an experienced swimmer.

"We want people of all ages to enjoy a safe and pleasant summer, but this shows how easily accidents can occur. Please stay safe and stay out of the water."

Meanwhile, Yorkshire Water has issued another warning urging the public not to swim in its reservoirs.

The Bradford-based company has joined forces with two of the region’s emergency services to reiterate the message not to swim in reservoirs.

Geoff Lomas, recreation and catchment manager at Yorkshire Water, said: “Reservoirs are extremely dangerous due to the chilling temperatures and the potential for strong under currents beneath the surface.”