A Bradford fundraiser raised over £4,000 by competing in a 10k race - during a 19 hour fast.

Nazim Ali, General Secretary of the Bradford-based community organisation Naqshbandia Active Development Association, took part in the Leeds 10k, and as well as having the disadvantage of being on a Ramadan fast, he also had do deal with the baking summer weather. And he still managed to finish in just one hour two minutes.

In total he has raised £4,500 which will be split between International humanitarian charity Penny Appeal's Syria Emergency Appeal, and towards helping displaced Palestinians.

The race attracted 10,000 runners, and over the course of the day three people collapsed because of the heat.

Because he was observing the Ramadan fast he was unable to eat or drink water during daylight hours. As well as making the race that much more difficult, it also effected his training. Despite being an experienced runner he had to totally alter his training to prepare himself for running during a fast.

Mr Ali said: "The challenge was both physically and mentally draining as I had no access to water and was in the middle of my 19 hour fast, my struggle is nothing in comparison to the plight of the Syrian refugees."

He has now raised over £15,000 for various humanitarian causes by running several races over more than a decade.