A BATTLE to have the body of English King Richard III re-buried in York instead of Leicester is not yet over, according to a campaigner based in Cross Roads, near Keighley.

Carol Fellingham Webb admitted that the result of a judicial review in May, which concluded that the monarch's remains should be buried where he was killed in Leicestershire, had been a "setback".

She and more than 31,000 other people had signed a petition calling for the 15th-century king to be brought north, only to be disappointed by the judicial review's decision.

However, Ms Fellingham Webb, of Bingley Road, now says that the campaign will continue.

She adds: "The argument remains that, whatever the legality of the exhumation licence granted to Leicester University, the decision on where and how a king should be buried should not be left to a university archaeology department.

"Parliament should be the final arbiter, following proper consultation and debate, and taking into full account what can be discerned of the deceased's own wishes."

She said that every Member of Parliament and the House of Lords has been sent a lobbying letter asking them to support the ongoing drive to have Richard III "brought home" to Yorkshire.