SIR – The British workman has for centuries been admired around the world. How the mighty has fallen.

In Shipley, a new gas pipe is being laid resulting in long traffic delays for 11 weeks. I can only assume that the job is being undertaken by one man with a pick and shovel.

Also this week we hear of a new roof being erected on a small block of flats in Undercliffe.This will take four months. I assume they are using slates and these are being brought from Wales by horse and cart.

We also learn that the city planners have given permission for a brewery to be built in the city centre. This will be built from scratch and will be in production in three months. My faith in the British workman is restored, but how can an entire factory be built, equipped and be up and running in less time than replacing a small roof?

Keith Rayner, Laburnum Drive, Baildon