The life-expectancy of men and women in Bradford is among the lowest in the country, figures from the Office for National Statistics reveal.

The city is in the bottom 25 for both sexes, according to a survey of people living in 150 local authority areas,

But while women in Bradford can expect to live longer than men, the ONS says they will experience a smaller percentage of their lives in good health.

The life-expectancy of men in Bradford according to the figures - which cover 2010 to 2012 - is 77.5 years. They can expect to live 61.7 - 79.7 per cent - of those in good health.

Woman will, according to the statistics, live until an average of 81.5 years. But just 59.4 years - 72.9 per cent - will be in good health.

Life-expectancy for men in Bradford is 126th out of 150, while women's is 127th. Men do better in the number of healthy years table - 92nd out of 150 - while women are 125th.

Blackpool men fare worst coming bottom of the life-expectancy table and second-bottom of the healthy years table. Women in Manchester came bottom of both.