SHIPLEY MP Philip Davies has called on the government to outlaw first cousin marriages.

The Tory said 63 per cent of Pakistani mothers who were part of the Born In Bradford medical study were married to cousins and within that group there was a doubling of the risk of a baby being born with a congenital anomaly.

Speaking in the House of Commons he asked much health issues from first cousin marriages cost the NHS and added "given these findings isn't it time that first cousin marriages were outlawed?"

The research is tracking the lives of 13,500 children as they develop.

Health Minister Dr Daniel Poulter said: "We don't have any financial information as he requested, but it is important to point out that the Born In Bradford study showed that there was an increase from three per cent to six per cent risk of birth defects where there was a consanguineous marriage, but it's important to point out that that clearly highlights not all babies born to couples who are related have a genetic problem."