A WOMAN accused of murder fought back tears as she told a jury she stuck a knife in her boyfriend by accident during a struggle in the bedroom at her flat.

Alexia Heckles said that Scott Dunne, who was an ex-boxer, had been drinking cider and looked like he had taken drugs on the night she stabbed him to death.

She told Bradford Crown Court yesterday the couple argued the evening before she was due to fly out to Spain with her mother for a month's holiday.

Heckles, 35, said she knew Mr Dunne would be upset and took pleasure in letting him know she was going away.

She also told him the relationship was over and repeatedly asked him to leave.

Heckles, wearing a smart black trouser suit and royal blue blouse, told the jury she went into the bedroom at her flat in Rosemary Gardens, Allerton, Bradford, after midnight on January 18.

"The door flew open and Scott appeared. He had a small knife in his left hand and a large knife in his right hand," she said.

"I said 'What are you doing with those knives?' He threw down the smaller knife. I was in front of the bedside table. He came towards me and I went towards him at the same time. He held the knife in front of him.

"I didn't really have much time to think. I was scared and I wanted some control of the knife. I went to grab his right arm and he pushed me with his shoulder back on to the bed," she said.

Heckles, who denies murdering Mr Dunne, 41, with a stab wound to the heart, said she got straight up and there was a struggle.

She could not get past him and he dropped the knife.

"I picked it up because I was scared of what he was going to do with it. I wanted to remove it and leave the flat," she said.

Heckles said she did not know what happened next.

Mr Dunne was still coming towards her.

"I accept that I stabbed him," she said.

The knife was stuck in him and she pulled it out.

Mr Dunne begin to bleed and she put her hands over the wound.

He went to his knees and, when she failed to stop the bleeding, she ran outside and screamed for help.

Heckles' barrister, Michelle Colborne QC asked her: "Had you wanted this to happen?"

The defendant replied: "No, no way. It was an accident. I never meant it to happen."

Earlier, Heckles said she was planning to move home and begin a new life without Mr Dunne.

She was taking drugs from time to time in the weeks before his death but she was sober and drug free on the night he died.

The trial continues.