CONCERNED residents have called for action after a spate of stone thefts.

In one incident thieves used a metal trolley to wheel away about 15 stone slates from the roof of two cottages in Liversedge Row, off Perseverance Lane, in Great Horton, Bradford.

And when a roofer started repair work, the raiders returned to steal slates he had used to keep tarpaulin in place on the damaged roof.

Residents in the area say they have been repeatedly targeted by stone thieves, with flags being taken from people's roofs, garden paths and public pavements.

Roofer Misha Kozlow was called in to repair the roof of the terraced cottages in Liversedge Row.

He said: "The thieves had stolen 14 or 15 stone slates from the roof. Some of them got broken as they got them down. Apparently they wheeled them away in a flat bed metal trolley. A neighbour spotted them and shouted, but they ran off with the slates on the trolley.

"Slates were taken from a long roof to two adjoining properties. One of the ladies living there was very shocked and disturbed by what had happened."

Mr Kozlow, a qualified roofer since 1977, said there had been a number of other incidents where stone flags had been stolen from surrounding streets.

"It's a real problem round here and something needs to be done to stop it."

A woman resident in Perseverance Lane, said she had reported incidents of theft, damage and tipping but nothing had changed.

She said: "I used to keep pot plants at the front of the house but they were stolen, so I don't bother now. One woman moved out because she was so traumatised when slates were stolen from her roof. We are elderly and we don't need this."

Police confirmed they are appealing for information following a series of stone thefts in the Great Horton area.

PC Pete Softley, of Bradford South Neighbourhood Policing Team, who is investigating the incident in Liversedge Row, today appealed for witnesses to come forward.

He said: "It is highly likely that someone going to or from work will have seen the two suspects pushing a distinctive metal bed trolley frame to move the stone.

"They left over £600 of damage, which was not easy to repair.

"I would ask that any witnesses, or anyone with information, contact the non-emergency number 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."

The incident took place in the early hours of June 20. The suspects are described as white and about 18 years old. One had ginger hair and was about 6ft tall.