BRADFORD MP George Galloway has accused Prime Minister David Cameron of "total hypocrisy " over plans to restrict unions' rights to strike.

Speaking during Prime Minister's Questions on Wednesday ahead of yesterday's strike, Mr Cameron said the National Union of Teachers' ballot had taken place in 2012,and was based on a 27 per cent turnout.

He said the time had come for legislation setting a minimum turnout before a strike could take place, promising this in the next Conservative manifesto.

Mr Galloway, Respect MP for Bradford West, said: "The Tories' plans for further restrictions on industrial action are going to exacerbate matters hugely.

"It's worth pointing out that while Cameron and his pals are intent on legislating that strikes cannot take place without the majority of members voting for them, neither him not any of his cabinet won a majority of their total electorates. Total hypocrisy."

But the district's two Tory MPs, Philip Davies (Shipley) and Kris Hopkins (Keighley and Ilkley) were behind the idea.

Mr Davies said: "I believe that there should be a turnout threshold in order to justify strike action given the disruption that is caused – I would certainly welcome a turnout threshold of 50 per cent before a ballot is legitimised."

And Mr Hopkins said he was "certainly in favour of the relevant legislation being re-examined with a view to ensuring that the unions must at least obtain a proper mandate before leading their members onto picket lines".