A DISTRAUGHT woman banged her head on the floor and shouted: "Tell me he's not dead," after fatally stabbing her boyfriend, a murder trial jury at Bradford Crown Court was told .

Jurors were today shown film of Alexia Heckles screaming in the custody area at Bradford's Trafalgar House police station after she was arrested on suspicion of murdering Scott Dunne.

Heckles, 35, can be heard repeatedly shouting: "No, no, no" as officers try to calm her.

When she was taken to a cell immediately afterwards, Mr Dunne's bloodstained bank debit card was found hidden in her bra, the court was told.

Heckles was described as smelling of alcohol and unsteady on her feet at the police station. It is alleged her eyes were glazed and she was very emotional, saying: "Why would I hurt him? He's the father of my baby."

Heckles denies murdering Mr Dunne, 41, shortly after midnight on January 18 at the flat they shared in Rosemary Gardens, Allerton, Bradford.

The trial has heard that Mr Dunne died from blood loss after he was stabbed through the heart with a large kitchen knife.

A 16-year-old neighbour, whose statement was read out in court, said the walls at the property were thin and he could hear lots of domestic arguments from the flat.

"There were constant arguments, with screaming and shouting," he said.

On the night of the stabbing, he was woken by a woman screaming: "No, Scott, no."

He saw her outside her home with blood on her hands, crying and asking for help.

The teenager went into the flat to see if Mr Dunne was hurt.

He saw him face down on the bedroom floor with a pool of blood seeping from under him.

The youth said there was a faint pulse on Mr Dunne's neck. He shouted his name and rubbed his back to try to revive him, before running back to his flat to get help.

PC Mark Walker told the court he responded in minutes to an emergency call to the flats.

Furniture was displaced in the living room and a woman was screaming so loudly from the bedroom that he drew his CS spray as a precaution.

PC Walker said a large knife was visible under Mr Dunne's body and there was a smaller knife on the floor as well.

Heckles was on the bed with blood on her hands and clothes.

She was clearly upset, saying: "Please help him."

PC Walker agreed with defence barrister Michelle Colborn QC that Heckles was in a desperate state, not knowing what to do.

The trial continues.