FUNDING for the creation of a new business district around Bradford's City Park is included as part of a £572 million "growth deal" for the region, announced by the Government today.

The Leeds City Region, which includes the Bradford district, has been granted £72,8 million for 2015/16, with a further £500 million pledged from 2016/17 onwards.

The construction of new offices at the site of the former Tyrls police station is one of the main Local Enterprise Partnership projects in the city which will benefit from the investment.

A new bridge over the Leeds and Liverpool Canal at Horse Close in Skipton to open up what is described as a key site for business and housing is also part of the deal.

And across the region there will be funding to "open up" other land for employment and affordable housing, and investment to improve transport connections between cities.

In total the Government estimates that the deal will create 9,000 jobs, allow up to 1,000 houses to be built, and generate up to £370 million in public and private investment.

A major part of today's Government announcement is the "transformation of Bradford city centre to enable the development of a central business district, which will see new buildings specially built for businesses."

Other features of the deal include the development of The West Yorkshire Plus Transport Fund, which will see decisions on road and rail spending put into the hands of the newly formed West Yorkshire Combined Authority, which includes councils and businesses.

Funding will also be invested in programmes involving colleges to ensure a "world-class learning environment" for local young people, and a 'Guarantee for the Young,' which would lead to every young person in the region getting access to a job, training, apprenticeship, volunteering or work experience.

Councillor David Green, leader of Bradford Council, said: "By working together, the Leeds City Region has been able to pull together one of the best bids of all the areas, and as a result we have been more successful than most regions.

"I'm delighted we've received the funding for a number of schemes in Bradford.

"Now we need to work collaboratively with the rest of the Leeds City Region to make the best of the pots of money for skills, training and employment opportunities. We also have to take the opportunity to take forward the transport priorities from this money that has been allocated."

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said: “The Leeds City Region Growth Deal will create thousands of jobs, provide incredible new training opportunities for people, improve transport connections within West Yorkshire and to other cities across the north, allow new homes to be built, support fast growing businesses and build a stronger economy and a fairer society.

“We’re placing the power and money in the hands of people in the Leeds City Region who know how to spend it best, making a real difference to local communities.”