A representative of a Bradford charity has returned from a trip to the Syria/Turkey border where he helped hand out more than £30,000 in aid to Syrian refugees.

Naqshbandia Active Development Association (NADA) member Wajid Khan (pictured) took part in the two week trip to the border province of Hatay last month.

The aid mainly included food parcels but also contained toys and clothes for children who have fled to the border to escape the Syrian conflict.

Mr Khan said: "The Refugee camps are so full that they are taking in double to the triple amount of refugees in a single camp. This means that many refugees are having to fend for themselves outside of the camps since the camps are simply over-stretched and beyond capacity.

"I found that dozens of families had set up tents in the middle of no-where, where a family of 12 is living in one room accommodation in partially built homes that have simple sheets coverings that act as a doors and windows."