DANIEL Priestley is a classic case of hard work brings reward.

The 15-year-old from Cullingworth, who has learning difficulties, is in the verge of applying for his black-belt grading test with Horizon Taekwondo Academy.

He was coach Rick Simpson's first student when he opened up his own club in the village in 2005, and Simpson said: "I'm really proud of Daniel.

"He's stuck with taekwondo for nine years and he's performing the movements as well as anyone, and he works so hard. He's a team player and a pleasure to train."

Horizon recently held a belt grading, and Daniel was one of three awarded a red belt with black stripe, which signifies that he is ready for his black-belt test.

Of the 43 successful candidates, five were adjudged as outstanding by the examiners, including siblings Victoria and William Smith-McShee and Amelia Curran, all from Silsden, and Keighley's Cara Harbourne.