A BRADFORD car design company has revealed its pride after one of its vehicles was used to squash Tom Cruise in a Hollywood blockbuster film.

Kahn Design, of Canal Road, provided a jeep that was used in a scene in Edge of Tomorrow - a recently-released military science fiction movie.

In the film, Cruise plays Lt Col Bill Cage, an officer who finds himself caught in a time loop during a war with an alien race.

In the jeep scene, Cruise's character tries to roll under a passing vehicle - the Kahn Jeep Wrangler Chelsea Truck Company CJ300 - but is squashed. He then has another, this time successful, attempt in the next 'loop'.

Jamie Kahn, of Kahn Design, said: "The producers wanted something special and when they took a look at the Kahn Jeep, they just had to have it in the movie. The scene itself took quite a while to shoot, and our representative, who was on set at the time, said it was a gasp-worthy scene.

"They invited Afzal - co-owner of Kahn Design - on set as he was in London at the time. Afzal had a chat with Tom, the director and team members who are keen to work with us again.

"We’re really proud to see a vehicle that we designed and styled in Bradford in a Hollywood movie.”

The military-style Kahn jeep has exclusive touches, including volcanic satin silhouette, Kahn wheels, cross hair headlamps, privacy glass, a four slot Chelsea Truck Company front grille, Kahn branding and smoked side repeaters.

A spokesman for Kahn Design added: "Nothing beats watching the usually cool and collected actor lumbering around in a clunky suit, getting knocked out of frame suddenly by the rather cool Kahn jeep, and then immediately restarting the sequence with him learning from his mistakes and crossing the Kahn jeep’s path safely."