ARMED police were deployed when a man brandishing a knife threatened to blow up Bradford Day Shelter in a row over a missing suitcase, a court heard.

Paul Dass, 44, of Studley Road, Peel Park, Bradford, was yesterday jailed for eight months for his eighth offence of possession of a bladed article in a public place.

He was arrested for waving a large kitchen knife in the street and threatening staff at the day shelter in Edmund Street in the city centre on May 30.

Dass, a serial weapon carrier, also had a Stanley knife on him, prosecutor Robert Galley told Bradford Crown Court.

He was remanded in custody by Bradford and Keighley Magistrates and pleaded guilty to the latest offence.

Mr Galley said staff at the day shelter called the police after Dass left the premises carrying a kitchen knife following a row over his lost suitcase.

Firearm and taser officers were alerted and Dass threw down the knife in the street when challenged.

He told officers: "If you had not got me, I would have gone back and smashed the place up. I'll smash the whole street up. I don't care. I'll bomb the place."

Dass also said he wished he had a Samurai sword and that he knew how to make a petrol bomb.

Mr Galley said he had a history of carrying knives and had three convictions last year, culminating in a 12 week jail sentence last September.

Dass's solicitor advocate, Anne Marie Hutton, said he had never wounded anyone.

He went to the shelter for help and assistance and lost his temper after his property went missing.

Dass conceded it was a frightening and unpleasant for staff at the centre and knew he was going straight to prison.

Judge Peter Benson told him: "You have a truly dreadful record for carrying knives and other offensive weapons, including an iron bar, in a public place.

"Between 2004 and 2013, you have at least seven convictions for carrying blades."

The judge continued: "You have never wounded anyone but there is always that potential, especially if you are in a state of heightened emotion."