THE detective who led the Barry Selby murder inquiry said the nature of the murder was seen by the community as a step too far.

“It was deemed by most people to be beyond the pale,” said Detective Chief Inspector Nick Wallen.

“Barry Selby was a quiet family man who was doing his best for his family. He had high moral standards and family values. He was attacked simply because he was Liam’s father.”

Det Chief Insp Wallen said police had seen an escalating series of violent incidents which culminated in Mr Selby’s death. It had started over the control of drugs on the estate but had then become a personal feud between different factions.

He praised the courage of witnesses who had come forward, and added: “Over the last few months these witnesses have been subjected to quite disturbing levels of intimidation, but they were still willing to come forward.

“I would hope that Barry’s death, the police investigation, and the convictions and sentences will act as a deterrent to those people involved in violence.

“But if we do see it continuing, the people of Holme Wood need to be assured the police have demonstrated that nothing is too hard to deal with and we will deal with it robustly and will do everything in our power to make sure any violence is stopped and people brought to account.”

Det Chief Insp Wallen said he echoed the judges comments about the murder being vicious, cowardly and beneath contempt.

He added: “Lee Calvert was yawning in the dock. He showed complete contempt for the whole system.

“Despite being convicted of murder and a firearms offence, they all came into court laughing and joking. There was not a shred of remorse. They have no comprehension of the pain and suffering they have caused.”

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