THE mother of a boy denied a place on a school trip because of an attendance record that included absences following the deaths of two relatives says her son has been unfairly punished.

Harvey Simmons, 11, of St Clare's Catholic Primary School, Fagley Road, has missed out on a three-day trip to Buckton Hall in the Yorkshire Dales.

His mother, Sarah Hague, said the decision was made after the school claimed he had had too many days off during term time

Miss Hague, 30, of Mond Avenue, Bradford Moor, says the deaths of his two relatives within eight weeks of each other was the main reason behind his absence from school.

His uncle, Lance Corporal Daniel Hague, 32, of Hill Top Road, Thornton, was killed in a car crash on September 16 last year.

The serving soldier, a front seat passenger, was killed alongside driver Adam Ruthven, 27, and Jade Best , 19, as their vehicle smashed sideways into a hairdressing salon in Thornton after Ruthven lost control of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution at enormous speed.

Then, Harvey's grandmother Sally Hague, 54, died of lung cancer on November 16 last year.

Speaking on Harvey's school trip disappointment, Sarah Hague said: "I'm so mad.

"It's just not fair on him.

"It would have done Harvey the world of good to good to get away from here for a bit.

"He was heartbroken.

"Harvey was looking forward to this trip. He has been run down because of all of the stress. This has made him worse, it's making him upset.

"He has lost his nanna and his uncle. He has had days off here and there, I'd say about three weeks. He has had to deal with death in his family. He has been unwell, rundown and depressed.

"I feel for Harvey, he's just a lost little boy who is being punished for being poorly and having time off for losing two family members.

"He has had a hard last few months.

"He is the only one in his class that was told he's not allowed to go."

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Leeds, which runs the school, declined to explain the absence criteria used to prevent children from attending such trips.

In a statement, its spokesman said: "The Diocese is aware of the situation at St Clare’s School and is working along with the management staff and governors to support the child at this time."

The Diocese said it would not be appropriate for any comment on the situation to be given at this time.