INSPECTORS have praised an academy in Bingley as "outstanding" in every category, and called its head "inspirational."

The glowing Ofsted report on Beckfoot School gives top marks in every category, from teaching to pupil behaviour to management. Teachers are described as being "obsessed" with getting the best out of their students.

Coun Ralph Berry, executive member for children's services at Bradford Council, said the report was one of the best he had ever read.

Among the highlights in the report are that children from white and Asian backgrounds both show the same "excellent progress" and that disabled students fare "extremely well."

The Wagon Lane school, which converted to an academy last August, is one of the biggest in the district with over 1,600 students, and a higher number of ethnic minority students than the national average. Head David Horn is also chair of the Bradford Schools Partnership, set up to support schools across the district and share good practices.

In 1999, Beckfoot was graded by Ofsted as satisfactory and in 2005 and 2008 it moved to good.

The latest report, released on Thursday, says: "The inspirational headteacher has made the improvement of teaching and learning his relentless focus. Along with his creative and dynamic senior team, he has ensured that teachers are equally obsessed with getting the very best from students.

"The school’s work to promote equality and tackle discrimination is excellent. There is a buzz of learning in the school and students take a genuine delight in mastering new skills.

"A finely honed sense of community is shared and promoted by all the students and adults. All those involved with the school, including parents, speak with pride of being a, ‘Beckfooter’ and how the ‘Beckfoot learner’ is at the heart of the school."

On the teaching in the school, it adds: "Leaders, teachers and students are relentless in seeking ways to improve learning."

When asked to comment on the result, Mr Horn instead asked a pupil to give their verdict. Rahaat Rahman, from Year Nine said: "The judgement of outstanding gives all the students attending Beckfoot a sense of pride because the judgement is about them and their school. It means that we are one of the top schools in the country as well as in Bradford. As student leaders we must now look for new ways for the school to keep improving."

Coun Berry said: "It is honestly the best high school Ofsted report I have read. It is an incredibly good result.

"It says the most vulnerable young people are properly supported and the head has a very ethical approach to education and leadership. The pupils feel empowered to believe in themselves.

"The school has a diverse range of students, and this result is a real Bradford success story."