A 26-YEAR-old man has denied raping two 14-year-old schoolgirls in separate bedrooms at a house party in Keighley.

Daniel Schofield has pleaded not guilty to six charges of rape, three counts of sexual activity with a child, and one offence each of causing a child to engage in sexual activity, attempted rape, assault causing actual bodily harm and having a bladed article.

The jury has already been told that the defendant, of Lynfield Drive, Chellow Grange, Bradford, admits three offences of sexual activity with a girl aged 14.

Schofield, who was 24 at the time the allegations were made at a house party held in September 2012, had meet the two schoolgirls and one of their friends as part of a larger group in Centenary Square, Bradford earlier that day and the girls had wanted to come to the party.

They all travelled by bus to Keighley and Schofield bought two crates of lager and a bottle of vodka from a supermarket to take to the house party.

Giving evidence at Bradford Crown Court yesterday, Schofield said later at the party he took the first girl, who was drunk, to a bedroom upstairs at the house, sat her on the edge of the bed and asked her 'are you going to be okay here', he left her, went to the toilet and returned downstairs to the living room.

Later on, he went back upstairs to use the toilet and the same girl was waiting for him outside the bathroom door. Schofield says the girl put her hands down his trousers and started "feeling me".

He said they started kissing and went into the bedroom and started to undress each other. She then performed a sex act on him and after "groping, kissing and undressing", Schofield admits they had sex, which he claimed was consensual.

Schofield then went back downstairs to the living room and continued drinking. Some time later, he went to bed with the second girl, who was also drunk, but he said although they shared a double bed, he did not have sex with her. He also denied he had caused marks to her neck and breast.

Speaking on the second girl, Schofield said: "There was a bit of hugging and kissing and I thought it would be a bad idea to carry on and I rolled over and went to sleep."

He added: "I was not aware of the fact that they were 14 at the time, I knew they were younger.

"We were just sat on the bus talking, having a bit of a laugh. I can't remember which one it was who asked me to rate the three of them on who was the fittest of them. It was just banter.

"One of the girls was lying on the floor, I didn't think she was as drunk as she was acting, but I didn't think she was drunk. I did take her up to bed because everyone else was outside. I thought it would be a good idea if she went up to bed. It was just me who had been to the house before.

"There was no attraction to the girls from me, they wanted to come along, so I brought them along."

The trial continues.