This picture shows the damage caused by a raging fire that led to a family of four fleeing their burning home.

Flames from an overheated halogen light tore through the roof.

The two adults and two teenagers were only alerted to the unfolding drama by neighbours.

When firefighters arrived at the detached house in Sherburn Grove, Birkenshaw just before 10pm last night, the whole roof was alight.

At its peak, 15 firefighters from Cleckheaton, Bradford and Batley were involved in tackling the blaze from inside and out with the help of an aerial appliance.

Crews were at the scene for about three hours but, despite their best efforts, extensive damage was done to furniture and belongings in the house from smoke and water, said Cleckheaton watch commander Damian Cameron.

He added: "Our hearts really went out to the family for what they are going through. They will not be able to go back for some time."

Parts of the roof have collapsed and the burned-out shell has since been covered by protective sheets to try and stop any further damage.

A fire investigation has been carried out and the cause is believed to have been an overheated halogen light fixed into the ceiling of the first floor.

Insurance assessors are due at the scene later today.