GIN connoisseurs from across the UK flocked to a festival in Haworth celebrating the many different types of this drink.

The event was staged by village residents Jym and Marie Harris. About 300 people attended the occasion, in the Old School Room, to sample gins originating as nearby as Addingham and as far away as South America. The event formed part of Haworth Festival.

Mr Harris said: "It went exceptionally well. We had some people queuing to get in, but we were sold out. We had people coming from London, Newcastle and Harrogate.

"We had 55 gins from all over the world, and the feedback we received afterwards was extremely good.

"People have been asking when we'll hold the event again, and wanting it to be more than a once a year thing.

"This is the first time we've held it in Haworth, though we have put this on before in Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle. We'll be returning to the Leeds Corn Exchange on July 5.

"Because we both live in Haworth it was nice to be able to put the festival on here and do something to support our own village."

Mr Harris added that he and his wife had decided to start staging the festival after attending a previous event where they were disappointed by the limited range of gins on offer.

"It was mainly just gins you'd find in a supermarket," he explained. "We wanted to do something to highlight the little guys and the harder to find gins, and we thought 'if no one else can do it, we'll do it ourselves.'"