A street artist has created a life-sized stencil of the Bronte sisters riding a bike - in celebration of the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire.

The work, by a mysterious Bristol-based artist known as Stewy, is on the side of Haworth Fire Station. The Bronte siblings lived in Haworth.

Stewy, who has offered to donate half of the money made from sales of the print to The Fire Fighters Charity, said: "I wanted to give something back to The Fire Fighters Charity as a thank you for allowing me to use Haworth Fire Station as a canvas and I really hope the locals and visitors to the area enjoy the stencil.

“I have been doing this subject matter for 20 years, British identity as a theme, but I’ve been doing stencilling since 2007.”

The artwork is part of a series of images of musicians, artists and writers who have popped up in the places with which they are associated across Yorkshire.

Stewy said: “It works on so many levels. People go to Haworth because they know of the Brontes. Kids can graffiti but might not be good at English or be a bit troubled. You might find some kids who might pick up Wuthering Heights because they have looked at street art and there’s a picture of the Brontes.

“I like to be spontaneous. There’s something quite nice about going to do it, leaving it and letting it go so it belongs to everybody."