PUPILS from Haworth Primary School have grown and planted hundreds of yellow-coloured flowers in the centre of Keighley.

The year two to year six children, who are part of the school's gardening club, first sowed the Calendula seeds at their school at the end of March.

Three pupils from the club, accompanied by professional gardener Steve Thorpe and Haworth Primary staff member Tracey Roe, transferred many of the flowers to the edges of Town Hall Square last Friday afternoon. (June 13)

Mr Thorpe said that once the planting has been completed, about 1,000 Calendula should be in place, providing a fitting yellow backdrop to the Tour de France riders when they cycle past the square this July.

He added: "The pupils' gardening skills are fantastic when you consider their age.

"Their skills are so well developed because they all do gardening every other Friday as part of their curriculum at school.

"It's nice that they've been able to plant the flowers here, because whenever they come past the square with their parents in their cars they'll be able to say 'We did that!' It also helps them respect the area."

Mr Thorpe has previously worked with many other local schools to use plants and flowers to improve the town centre's appearance.