VOLUNTEERS have been cleaning-up and getting to know each other in Heaton.

The Freshen Up Frizinghall project, which began last year, was the idea of resident and voluntary worker Sajid Mahmood and Mike Robinson from Associated Waste Management (AWM).

The project aims to bring together residents, local businesses and community associations to improve areas where people live and work.

Last year, AWM, based in Canal Road, Shipley, collected more than 30 tonnes of rubbish that had been fly-tipped on streets and alley ways or from public area clean-ups.

There were five Freshen Up days over four months in 2013 and people who took part are now actively encouraging neighbours to join in this year.

The first part of this year's project started with work at the Community Centre on Midland Road. Three truck-loads of rubbish were removed along with grass cuttings, tree branches, leaves and green waste.

Mr Robinson said: “We want to actively encourage people to come out of their houses and take part. If they can’t take part, come out and support those that are. Creating a real community spirit is vital if we are to truly regenerate the area.

"At the same time it’s a fantastic way of getting to know your neighbours. "

The next Freshen Up day will be on Wednesday, June 25.