A CARE club has been told it is "inadequate" by Government inspectors, who claim it has "poor" safeguarding arrangements.

Bright Sparks on Bairstow Street was inspected by Ofsted last month, and the critical report was released late last week.

It reveals that managers were "unable to confirm that adults working at the out of school club have been deemed suitable."

The privately run club was set up in 1999, and is based at Sandy Lane Methodist Church's community hall, and offers out of school care before and after school. Most of those that attend are from Sandy Lane Primary School.

At the last inspection in 2008 the club, which takes on children aged 4-12, was deemed "good." The latest rating means that inspectors will be monitoring the club every three months, and if improvements are not made can take further action. If the provider continues to be inadequate, Ofsted can cancel its registration on the childcare register.

Although the inspection report says the club creates a "welcoming environment" and that children are "cooperative and sociable" with each other there, there are several area where it falls down.

Safeguarding arrangements are described as poor, with inspectors finding that there was no information available to confirm staff had been properly vetted. It also claims the provider was "unfamiliar with the club's safeguarding policy and has not attended an appropriate child protection training course."

Record keeping is described as inadequate, particularly regarding staff attendance and their personal details and qualifications.

The report adds: "The provider has a satisfactory understanding of the learning and development requirements, although not all legal requirements are fully met. The provider has a weak understanding of their responsibility to ensure the provision meets the safeguarding and welfare requirements."

Inspectors suggest that managers make sure that systems are put in place to make sure any person working with the children are suitable to do so, and that a record of their name, address and telephone number is kept.

In a statement, Bright Sparks Care Club LTD said: "Regarding our recent Ofsted inspection, we can confirm that the actions Ofsted highlighted in their report were easily corrected and rectified with immediate effect. "

Councillor Ralph Berry, Bradford Council's executive member for children's services, said: “It is vital that any education setting, including a private one, takes the right steps to ensure that the children it cares for are safe. Our early childhood services staff can help any parents seeking alternative child care arrangements.”

The school will be re-visited within six months.