An appeal for yellow knitted triangles to create bunting for the Tour de France has gone global.

Australian fan Tanya Travers, of Williamstown, Victoria, saw the appeal on Twitter and straight away got out her needles and sunshine coloured wool.

Bradford Visitor Information Centre put a call put earlier this year for people to get knitting for the Tour’s arrival.

The Council's Visitor Economy Manager, Tricia Tillotson, said: "Our appeal for knitted triangles literally went through the roof!

“Texere yarns donated us some wool but all that went in two days, the demand was so great. Then we got some more discounted wool from Coldspring Mill and that soon went also.

“We would return to the Visitor Information Centre in the morning and find carrier bags filled with triangles hanging on the door.

“It really has inspired people to get involved and we were amazed to see the tweet from Tanya. She even sent pictures of her knitting the triangles and then posting them."

Councillor Susan Hinchcliffe, the Council's executive member for employment, skills and culture, said: "People in the local community are really getting involved in the Tour de France but the response from Tanya in Australia also demonstrates that it is catching the eye of people from right across the world. "