Shopkeepers have been warned not to be tempted to sell fake DVDs after a man was sentenced for stocking them in his Bradford shop.

Nahim Hussain, 39, of Hutton Road, Great Horton, was sentenced to 120 hours of unpaid work when he appeared at Bradford and Keighley Magistrates’ Court.

It followed an investigation by West Yorkshire Trading Standards into his store, Movie Kraze, that started when he sold an 18-rated horror movie called I Didn’t Come Here to Die to a 13-year-old girl operating undercover for officers.

The DVD also turned out to be a copy and an inspection of his store found more than 1,000 fake films.

As well as the community sentence, Hussain was also ordered to pay costs of £1,675.

It was one of a string of successful prosecutions against business owners selling pirate DVDs in Bradford after complaints and intelligence passed on from the entertainment industry.

After being warned about selling the DVD to an underage girl, on May 21, 2013, Hussain continued to sell fakes and was caught out by undercover officers a further two times.

In court Hussain admitted that he was the owner of Movie Kraze, despite initial claims to officers he was only looking after it for a friend. He said the business had fallen on hard times so he had turned to supplying illegal discs as a way of supplementing his income. The shop has now ceased trading.

In January, 21-year-old Mohammed Waheed, of Harlow Road, Lidget Green, was sentenced to nine months in prison after officers seized 5,334 counterfeit discs from the Twilight store on Legrams Lane.

Earlier that month Adrees Malik, 45, of Bude Court, West Bowling, was given a 10-month suspended sentence after Homeview on Thornton Road was raided by trading standards.

Bradford Councillor Val Slater, the chairman of West Yorkshire Trading Standards Committee, said it was a crime that would not be tolerated.

And David Lodge, head of trading standards, said: “The sale of counterfeit goods is not a victimless crime and adversely impacts upon local traders trying to make an honest living selling legitimate DVDs. West Yorkshire Trading will take action to ensure such traders are tackled and where necessary prosecuted.

“We have had a particular focus on Bradford resulting from complaints and intelligence passed from the industry.”