Parents have joined forces with teachers to demand that a busy road be manned after six months without a crossing patrol.

Their fears that the situation could lead to an accident were founded this week when a child was clipped by a car outside Blakehill School.

The ten-year-old was hospitalised and left with cuts and bruises, which the Idle school’s headteacher said only highlighted the need for a new crossing patrol after the previous one retired more than six months ago.

Bradford Council has now said it intends to fill all crossing vacancies by September but did not say how many empty roles there were.

Since half-term the school council has been circulating a petition pushing the Council to act quickly and recruit a new crossing warden and an online petition went live yesterday.

The main entrance to the school is on Highfield Road close to a bend.

Headteacher Trevor Pattinson said: “This is a very dangerous road and it gets very congested at home time.

“Just the other day a child was involved in an accident and was very lucky to escape with minor injuries – it could have been a lot worse.

“A lot of parents are concerned that the Council is not acting fast enough. The fact that the Council are carrying out a survey doesn’t give them much confidence.

“We need something, whether it is traffic calming measures, a 20 mph speed limit or a replacement crossing guard.

“We have 420 pupils here and 420 parents trying to pick them up at the same time. We keep hanging on to wait and see if we will get a replacement but we are in limbo at the moment.”

Pupil Toby Evans, 10, added: “The school council has been trying to do something for about two months and we still haven’t got a crossing guard.”

Last year the Council started a review into its crossing patrols, but is yet to share its findings. Paul Makin, Assistant Director of Education and School Improvement, said: “The Council is not reducing resources for crossing patrols, but we have carried out a review so that we can make sure that patrols are placed at schools where they are needed most.

“We are completing the review analysis and will be recruiting shortly with the intention that patrols will be in place at the start of next term.”