A Bradford-born UK Government official in Brazil has warned England fans travelling to the country to make sure they are well prepared for this month’s World Cup.

Wasim Mir moved to South America last month to become the deputy head of mission to the UK ambassador in Brazil from mid-July. He has been in the country for a few weeks learning about their preparations for the World Cup, which kicks off on June 12.

Mr Mir, 42, who was a student at Rhodesway School, now known as Dixons Allerton Academy, has offered supporters vital advice ahead of their trip.

Mr Mir said: “The World Cup in Brazil poses unique challenges for football fans. England fans have to travel distances of up to 3,000 kilometres to get between group games, that is further than Bradford to Istanbul. It is important fans travelling to Brazil are well prepared and have planned their travel and accommodation.

“They will need to take care on the roads. Brazil has a high road accident rate. In many rural areas the quality of roads is poor. They will also need to make sure they get vaccinations well in advance.”