An armed forces group is taking its recruitment drive to the pub in a last-ditch bid to attract new members.

The Bradford and District Branch of the Royal Air Forces Association has an ageing membership of just 70 on its books, though only a handful attend meetings, and it is threatened with closure later this year.

Now, in a final attempt to inject some “new blood” into the group and boost its dwindling membership, members will meet at The Gallopers pub.

The Association hopes to get younger members on board and that the meeting can help revive it.

Membership is open to anyone who has served with the British, the Empire or the Commonwealth Air Forces at any time and in any capacity. Close relatives can also join as Associate Members.

Member David Bryan said: “We’re still struggling. We’re still trying to revive the branch. We are looking for new blood.

“We thought we’d possibly attract more people if we had more people if we had a meeting in a local pub in the early evening.

“It’s good to share our experiences and talk to people who have been there and done that.

“We are now running out of money and we need new people to come in and move things along a bit. We only have five or six people who turn up for meetings at the moment.

“We are looking for people of all ages, such as early retirees who can run the branch. The essence of the Association is friendship and support.”

The meeting is at The Gallopers, Wakefield Road, Bradford, on June 4 from 5.30pm. If you are unable to attend, but would like to join the Association, e-mail Mr Bryan at