A landlord has apologised to a mum-of-two after almost a year of roof leakage problems ended with a hole in her bathroom ceiling.

Kelly McVay said Incommunities just did “temporary repair after temporary repair” despite telling her she needed a new roof on the house.

The issue came to a head when Miss McVay woke one morning to find fallen plasterboard scattered around her bathroom.

“It could have fallen on me or my son, or my little boy when he was in the bath, or anything,” said Miss McVay. “It has been one thing after another. I am sick and tired of it and I will not be treated like an idiot.”

Now, the social housing company has started work on re-roofing the property in Carisbrooke Crescent, Wibsey.

“It has been a nightmare,” said Miss McVay, who works in administration at the NHS.

“It started when we had extreme weather and high winds. The roof tiles moved, subsequently causing the roof to leak. All they have done is put temporary repairs on it.

This week a hole appeared.

Miss McVay said: “It started as a smallish, tennis ball-sized hole and ended up having to have a full panel removed.

“The roof has now sunk in places. There is significant damage to the joists and wood, it's not properly insulated and the bathroom is now cold due to the hole in the roof.

Miss McVay, who lives with her partner, Ben Crossland, and has two sons - an eight-year-old and a five-month old - added: “I have had to create a massive stink for them to do anything.

“We have secured a private let house because of them letting us down.”

An Incommunities spokesman said: “We apologise to the customer for any inconvenience or upset that may have been caused over this matter.

“We visited the property twice over this bank holiday weekend to address further issues with the roof and ensure it was safe for the residents.”